OU Foundation Pulls Arena Plan

I would not have supported allowing OU to withdraw their arena proposal. Voters deserved to see their councilmembers take a formal stance on the arena, and allowing OU to withdraw the proposal relieves councilmembers of that task.

Additionally, I firmly believe the OU Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce will do what they can to fund candidates that would be amenable to an arena proposal. I expect them to identify and recruit candidates for mayor and several council seats. I expect them to quietly put lots of money in those races. I do NOT expect the candidates they recruit to be vocal in support of the arena. Some might even include an anti-TIF stance in their platforms. Those candidates better be willing to do the hard campaign work. We’ve found out in recent years that $$ alone doesn’t win elections.

OU is not going to change this plan. They’re going to change this council.