NO on UNP TIF, NO on Arena

Tomorrow night, city council will consider a resolution to move the UNP project plan forward to the statutory TIF committee for their review. I will not be at tomorrow night's meeting because in February I planned a trip to visit my parents (and July is typically the slowest council month), but I would be voting no if I was there.

I would be doing so for several reasons: the process has been flawed, full of secrecy, and has already damaged public trust - which we didn't have a whole lot of before this whole debacle anyway. The project plan also includes funds to be used outside the TIF increment and project areas for a purpose that council (and the public) was never briefed on nor agreed to. I have not seen compelling evidence that committing public funds for this proposal will benefit the city as a whole. And lastly, we have other critical issues requiring a public vote on which this issue will have a significant impact. The overwhelming feedback I have received from Ward 1 residents has reinforced these points as well.