Bike Skills Course Coming to Ward 1!

I am so excited to see this bike skills course come to fruition! It will be located on the NW corner of 24th and Lindsey on 12 acres of park land the topography of which makes it difficult to use for much else. I have long been a proponent of sports/activities that have a reduced environmental impact, preserve green space, and have low barriers of entry (particularly the financial cost to participate). I have also been assured that parts of this design will be universally accessible to those with physical disabilities, and the entire course is accessible to anyone using adaptive equipment. The widening of 24th with full bike lanes will increase access to this park, and if all goes according to schedule, it should be open in the spring of 2019! One of the main concerns I heard from Ward 1 residents was the lack of activities for their kids. Soon Ward 1 residents will have a fun, free place for their kids to spend time outdoors!