Intro to Norman Municipal Politics

My introduction to Norman municipal politics came through the Animal Shelter Oversight Committee, on which I have served for more than 18 months a year and a half. During this period, the committee has encouraged and participated in significant changes at Norman Animal Welfare, changes I am particularly proud of. 

- Increased the live release rate at the shelter from 74% to 93% 

- Added a permanent part-time veterinarian on staff

- Revived the volunteer program

- Began to enact a true foster program

- Adopted of a "no euthanasia of adoptable animals" resolution to formalize a benchmark our shelter frequently reaches

- Instituted group play programs for shelter dogs to improve sociability and adoptability

- Secured inclusion of important provisions in revisions of the animal ordinances to ensure the shelter will accept any animal an owner cannot rehome themselves and requiring the use of restraints/tethers specifically designed for pets

- Development of standard operating procedures that will ensure our shelter operates in the future as well as it is now

- Pursuit of online pet licensing program to better serve the animals, residents, and city. 

- Reaffirmed the shelter's commitment to partnering with area rescues for animal placement. 

But this work is never done. Our part-time veterinarian has no medical budget through which to provide care for the animals being housed in our brand new $3 million dollar facility. Though the shelter is blessed to have incredibly hard-working kennel attendants, they need more help. The shelter needs additional resources to better pursue programs, supplementing group play, that help make dogs more adoptable and shorten their stays in the shelter. I will push towards these goals so this city-provided, taxpayer-funded service can continue at the highest level - for the benefit of residents and their furry companions. 

If you'd like to support my efforts, I hope you will consider a contribution to my campaign!

Kate Bierman (right) sits on the Animal Shelter Oversight Committee 

Kate Bierman (right) sits on the Animal Shelter Oversight Committee 

- Kate Bierman