Meet Kate

Kate Bierman moved to Norman in 2009 and spent a decade working issue campaigns through a public affairs firm in OKC. Her team was integral in making medications more accessible to seniors through the Medicare Part B program, pursuing a more open H-1B visa system, supporting DREAMers, opposing open carry legislation, and advocating for better Medicare/Medicaid physician reimbursement.

Kate became active in municipal politics after the passage of a bond to build a new animal shelter. She served on the city's Animal Welfare Oversight Committee for two years and was integral in pushing the city to hire a permanent full-time shelter veterinarian, increasing the number of kennel technicians, and implementing strong volunteer and foster programs.

Looking to continue her municipal involvement, Kate announced her intent to seek the Ward 1 council seat and in February 2017, Kate beat a two-term incumbent in a three way race by winning 53% of the vote. A month later, she became pregnant with her first child and was the first councilmember to give birth while in office, in December 2017.

Looking to bring more of her life back to the city she lived and served in (and getting sick of the long commutes), Kate followed her passion for animal advocacy and bought into Annie’s Ruff House, a local doggy daycare and boarding facility, expanding the business to a second location and nearly doubling the number of employees.

In her time on Council, Kate pushed back against the rubber-stamping of a renewal of a 25 year franchise agreement with OG&E, strongly opposed utilizing $100m of taxpayer dollars to build an arena, and partnered with councilmembers to propose, instead of using taxpayer money for corporate giveaways, using TIF money to fund a senior center that previous councils had promised and failed to deliver on.

She has also authored resolutions in support of breastfeeding and encouraging the state legislature to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, convinced council to reconsider including patient licensing fees in medical marijuana ordinances, successfully championed a "no kill of adoptable animals" goal for the animal shelter, and has spearheaded an effort to pass an ordinance requiring diaper changing stations in public women's AND men's rooms.



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Finance Committee Member 2017-present

Council Liaison, Animal Welfare Oversight Committee 2018-present

Community Planning and Transportation Committee Member 2017-present

Board Member, Schwartz Family Foundation, 2014-present

Member, Norman Animal Shelter Oversight Committee, 2015-2017

Board Member, Oklahoma Disc Golf Foundation, 2014-2017

Board Member, Finger Lakes Musical Theater Festival, 2014-2015

Operations Director, Sooner Disc Golf, 2010-2014

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