CAMPAIGN expenditures

On this page you will find a running list of my campaign expenditures. Not only is it important to voters to know who is donating to a candidate, it is equally important for voters to know how a candidate spends the money donated to them, specifically what they spend it on, and how much they spend.

I’ll tell you what you won’t find on this list - payments to consultants. No one else is running my campaign or managing my Facebook page (there’s a lot of that happening in our local city council campaigns these days), deciding which residents’ doors I should knock, or doing the legwork of purchasing signs, leaflets, and mailers. This is all me. I didn’t want to outsource my campaign strategy or its implementation. Ward 1 deserves a councilmember who does the work themselves.

  • Facebook (digital advertising): $109.88

  • FedEx Printing (turf packets): $39.64

  • USPS (more stamps): $40.00

  • ODP (VAN access): $20.00

  • Walmart (thank you cards): $29.30

  • Vistaprint (polling place stamps): $73.67

  • Build A Sign (“re-elect” signs): $522.98

  • Pure Buttons (campaign buttons): $73.10

  • Facebook (digital advertising): $238.40

  • Hooper Printing (walk cards): $184

  • Compa Creative (website updates, design work): $1,174.00

  • Action Signs & Designs (signs): $1,232.47

  • USPS (stamps): $20.00

  • Amazon (sticky notes, pens, thank you cards): $32.93

  • Cleveland County Election Board (filing fee): $50