I am launching my campaign for re-election to the Ward 1 council seat. This last year has brought significant changes, both for the city and in my own life. I gave birth to my first child and changed careers, coming back to Norman to help expand a local business, all while tackling some difficult but important city issues. The work we are doing at city hall has significant, long-lasting implications, and I want to continue being the strong voice the east side needs and deserves.

Starting quite quickly after I was seated in July, 2017 I learned that challenging the status quo wouldn’t be easy, but would be necessary to make policy decisions that supported Norman residents and attempted to restore some faith and trust in our local representation. If I learned nothing else while knocking doors for this campaign, it was that - people want to be heard. They want to feel like their council member represents *them* and not our local corporate interests.

So I questioned and then outright opposed rubber-stamping a renewal of our franchise agreement with OG&E that bound us for 25 years without room to address or incorporate new, changing technologies. In doing so, OG&E backtracked on their non-negotiation stance and came to the table to hammer out an agreement that better served the residents of this city. I strongly opposed utilizing $100 million of taxpayer dollars to build an arena, and partnered with councilmembers to propose, instead of using taxpayer money for corporate giveaways, using TIF money to fund a senior center that previous councils had promised and failed to deliver. Though not all of these efforts have been successful, the attempt is worth it.

In addition to all of this, I authored a resolution in support of breastfeeding, which was passed unanimously. I successfully encouraged council to reconsider including patient licensing fees in upcoming medical marijuana ordinances, and I am working on moving through to a full council vote an ordinance change requiring diaper changing stations in public men’s and women’s restrooms.

As you know, Norman has a lot on its plate. We are continuing to work on a much-needed stormwater utility, discuss a transportation bond package, find a solution for the senior center, and pursue site selection or possible land acquisition to continue our Norman Forward projects. Additionally, it is my hope that we can dispense with this idea of picking winners and losers in the free market by being selective with which businesses deserve to be given incentive dollars paid by taxpayers, and that we can instead work to make Norman’s business environment friendly and supportive to all businesses, across the whole city.

Thank you for your input and words of encouragement over the last 18 months. I look forward to knocking your doors again this election season, and I hope to continue serving Ward 1 for the next two years. #keepkateoncouncil

- Kate Bierman

Ward 1 should be more than a pass- through. It deserves its own unique identity, a balance of welcoming neighborhoods and quality businesses
— Kate Bierman, Ward 1 Councilmember

Kate has

  • Improved communication with Ward 1 voters

  • Championed Ward 1 issues with Council

  • Fought for a better deal with OG&E’s 25-year franchise agreement

  • Helped bring kid-friendly recreational options to Ward 1

  • Worked to expedite the construction of a senior center

  • Opposed the UNP TIF and voted consistently to end it

  • Proposed ordinance changes to make Norman more inclusiveand family-friendly

  • Authored resolutions in support of breastfeedingaccommodations and passage of the Equal Rights Amendment