kate will continue to:

  • Provide active, effective, experienced, and transparentrepresentation for Ward 1

  • Be responsive to her constituents

  • Champion policies that address their diverse needs

Kate has

  • Improved communication with Ward 1 voters

  • Championed Ward 1 issues with Council

  • Fought for a better deal with OG&E’s 25-year franchise agreement

  • Helped bring kid-friendly recreational options to Ward 1

  • Worked to expedite the construction of a senior center

  • Opposed the UNP TIF and voted consistently to end it

  • Proposed ordinance changes to make Norman more inclusive and family-friendly

  • Authored resolutions in support of breastfeeding accommodations and passage of the Equal Rights Amendment


Serving as the Ward 1 Councilmember for the last 18 months has been frustrating, productive, time-consuming, and rewarding--sometimes all at once. I didn’t plan to have a baby only a few months after I was officially seated in July of 2017, but it hardly slowed me down and widened my perspective in a way that has enriched my policymaking. I also left my job in OKC and bought into a thriving local Norman business - expanding it to a second location, hiring 40% more employees, and increasing our company’s community involvement.

During my initial campaign, it was clear in the thousands of doors my team and I knocked that Ward 1 residents wanted an active and locally-connected councilmember who was engaged with them, represented their diverse needs in council policy decisions, and was quick to address the needs of the ward.

The two years since I last filed for city council have been life-changing - personally, professionally, and municipally. I went from employee to business owner, adult to mother, candidate to fresh-faced, starry-eyed council newcomer to seasoned policymaker. We have big things facing us as a city - stormwater, senior center, public transit, the fate of the UNP TIF, significant future budget concerns, and economic development (just to name a few). I look forward to being at the table for these decisions and ensuring Ward 1 has strong, effective representation in the process.


All campaign contributions are spent in Norman. Thank you for your support! 

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